HR for the City


HR for City is a vision, to design Human Resources Policy at Municipality Level for, by and with Citizens in Nepal. HR Profession is not yet recognized in Nepal like other professions such as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and others. There are thousands of HR Professionals working in different organizations but their role has not yet been formally acknowledged in Labor Act of Nepal. Business Owners, Employers and Entrepreneurs still have not realized the importance of Human Resource System in the Organization. Similarly, School and college students need to be equipped with knowledge and skills to make educational system more technical, scientific and practical.  Various Associations of HR Professionals are trying to raise awareness through different means but is not sufficient.

To mitigate all above mentioned needs, it is very important to find innovative solutions. HR for City envisions finding the answers, following Deliberative Democracy Model to bring concern stakeholders together to design Human Resources Policy for Cities. HR Innovations will partner with various Municipalities, FNCCI, ILO, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, like minded HR Companies and other Stakeholders to convert vision into reality.

We are the Pioneers to introduce this concept in Nepal.