HR Consulting


HR Innovations offers professional Human Resources consulting and expertise to the national and international organizations including private companies, non-profit organizations and professional practices with defined body of HR Strategies, Knowledge and competencies.

Its goal is to provide superior and objective Human Resources consulting service, advice and guidance to employers and HR Professionals who would not otherwise have access to this considerable level of experience and knowledge. The company offers, via its experienced professional consultants, high-quality and up-to-date HR best practices. HR INNOVATION’S consultants work closely with employers, entrepreneurs, owners, executive directors, HR Professionals and managers to suggest and recommend best HR Solutions. They offer advice and counsel regarding HR Functions and activities concerning Organizations, Workplace and People; and educate clients regarding compliance with province and central regulations.


HR Innovations conducts HR Audit where an organization’s HR Policies, Practices, procedures, and strategies undergo a systematic and comprehensive evaluation to establish whether specific HR practices are adequate to achieve the function’s goals. Through HR Audit, gaps are identified which shall be then be prioritized for corrective action. The company utilizes its technical expertise in design, development and implementation of HR system

The Company advices and counsels HR Professionals to determine the structure of HR Function that encompasses the people, processes, theories and activities involved in the delivery of HR related services that create and drive organizational effectiveness.

HR Audit

We conduct systematic and comprehensive evaluation of HR Policies, practices, procedures and strategies also Labor Audit as per Labor Act of Nepal


We set up new HR Department in organizations and support existing HR Professionals in upgrading their knowledge, skills and competencies, We set up City level HR System for Municipalities


We do job matching, relation matching, employee engagement: Care and experience programs, set up Organizational Culture and Values along, design and implement Diversity and Inclusion strategies

HR Trainings

Job Preparation Trainings, Career Counseling, HR Function Trainings, HR Awareness Trainings, Skill identification and development Trainings